About Us

Charlies Coat was founded in 2011 when our founder, Tracy, was looking for safety wear for her children to ride their bikes to school. Tracy's son, Charlie was in fourth grade at the time, and was full of spirit and loved to be outside riding his bike and looking for adventure at every turn. Tracy is a pediatric nurse practitioner and a realist who knew that the biggest health risk that Charlie faced as a child was an unintentional accident. And, in fact, as a child he was most likely to be injured or killed in a motor vehicle related accident, quite possibly as a pedestrian. The latest CDC report tells us that in 2013, motor vehicle traffic-related injuries resulted in 33,804 deaths, accounting for 17.5% of all injury deaths. Of these, 1022 were children between the ages of 1 and 14.  And one in every five of these children under the age of 14 who were killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. http://www.cdc.gov/injury/images/lc-charts/leading_causes_of_injury_deaths_unintentional_injury_2014_1040w740h.gif

Being a person of action, she looked for ways to increase his safety. Among the Safety Reminders for pedestrians recommended by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Board is to "wear bright clothing during the day and wear reflective materials at night". And so the idea for Charlies Coat was hatched. Though Charlie is now a young adult, the mission of Charlies Coat remains- to increase visibility and safety for all urban adventurers, particularly children.   

(Charlie with the original "Charlie's Coat") 


Tracy in an adult sized Charlies Coat